Iran Radiator Boilers

Key Features

  • Premium 3-Star Energy Efficiency Rating (Over 92.7% Efficiency)
  • Technical License from Iran’s Prestigious Road, Housing, and Urban Development Research Centre
  • Steady, abundant hot water for large spaces
  • Silent operation for a noise-free environment
  • Safety prioritized with protective features
  • Versatile designs for ground or wall installation
  • Two-year warranty & Hassle-free setup


Optimized Heating: The Innovative Iran Radiator Boilers

Iran Radiator offers boiler packages that are designed to be both efficient and environmentally friendly, aiming to meet the demands of modern consumers. Here are the characteristics that define Iran Radiator boilers:


Efficiency and Environmentally Friendly

Iran Radiator boilers are designed to have high thermal efficiency with rates reaching up to 93%. This can potentially lead to savings on energy costs while promoting a sustainable operation.


Consistent Hot Water Supply

These boilers aim to provide a steady and abundant supply of hot water, suited to meet the needs of large spaces effectively, due to their compact design.


Quiet Operation

The boilers are created to operate silently, providing a noise-free home environment.


Safety Features

Safety is a priority in the design of Iran Radiator boilers. They come with several protective features including a system to protect against water shortages, frost protection, and an air pressure switch to guard against flue blockages, seeking to ensure safe operation throughout different seasons.


Options for Different Spaces

Iran Radiator has developed both ground and wall boilers to cater to various space requirements. Ground boilers are recommended for larger structures and come with different fuel options and a water tank, while wall boilers are designed to be compact for smaller spaces.


Digital Control System

The boilers feature a digital control system, enabling users to customize heating configurations according to their preferences, with a focus on optimizing comfort and efficiency.


Ease of Installation and Maintenance

Iran Radiator promises straightforward installation and maintenance for their boilers, alongside a two-year warranty to back the brand’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Iran Radiator invites B2B buyers and importers to consider Iran Radiator boiler packages as a heating solution, ensuring to meet current market demands with a product that embodies efficiency and reliability.