Iran Radiator Ducted Split Air Conditioners

Key Features

  • Energy-Efficient Performance
  • Toshiba rotary compressor with GMCC technology
  • Quiet Operation
  • Intelligent Control System
  • Eco-Friendly R410A Refrigerant
  • Sleek and Modern Aesthetics
  • Suitable for different climates
  • Remote control with digital display
  • Easy Maintenance


Discover Superior Climate Control with Iran Radiator’s Advanced Ducted Split Air Conditioning

B2B wholesalers and global importers! Dive into the future of cool air with Iran Radiator’s standout Ducted Split Air Conditioning Systems.

We’ve combined smart technology, eco-friendly choices, and top-notch performance, all for your customers.

Our sleek, wall-mounted designs are perfect for today’s stylish rooms. With a handy smart control and easy-to-read remote, setting the right temperature is a breeze. Plus, we care about the planet, so we’ve used the green-friendly R410A refrigerant gas.

Want consistent cooling in different rooms or even climates? Our flexible ducted system has got your customers covered. And, if they love peace and quiet, our units run smoothly without the noisy fuss.

At the heart of our air conditioners is the trusted Toshiba rotary motor, supercharged with the latest GMCC tech. This means top-tier cooling while saving on electricity bills.

We’re all about quality. Using only the best parts and by following international standards, we make sure our air conditioners last long and are easy to look after.

Join hands with Iran Radiator. Let’s give everyone the cool, fresh air they deserve, without the heavy price tag.


Introducing Our Diverse Range of Ducted Split Air Conditioning Units

Explore our meticulously designed Ducted Split Air Conditioning lineup, tailored to meet a variety of spatial needs:

  • Ducted Split 24000: Optimized for residential areas spanning 50 to 70 sqm, ensuring efficient cooling and comfort
  • Ducted Split 30000: Ideal for homes covering areas up to 90 sqm, offering a balance of power and efficiency
  • Ducted Split 36000: Crafted for more expansive residential spaces, efficiently cooling areas up to 120 sqm

Your customers can choose the perfect fit for their home and experience unparalleled comfort with Iran Radiator.

Duct Product Specifications
IAC-36CH/Slim Duct/AIAC-30CH/Slim Duct/AIAC-24CH/Slim Duct/A Model
1155x755x2701155x755x2701155x755x270Dimension of Indoor Unit LxWxH (mm)
905x375x805905x375x805905x375x805Dimension of Outdoor Unit LxWxH (mm)
362003050025300Cooling Capacity(Btu/hr)
350029202210Power Input Cooling(W)
BBAEnergy Grade
550005500055000Heating Capacity(Btu/hr)
250250250Power Input Heating(W)
111Hot Water Flow Rate(m3/hr)
808080E.S.P (Pa)
140014001400Air Flow Rate (m3/hr)
ScrollRotaryRotaryCompressor type
R410AR410AR410ARefrigerant gas type
575757Sound level of indoor unit (db)
615858Sound level of outdoor unit (db)
Wall-mounted digital controller with LCD display
Hot water coil
Intelligent control system (Hot water Flow & Indoor Fan)