Iran Radiator Boilers EcoThermo – A Series

Key Features

  • Superior efficiency: A22FF 90.7%, A24FF 93%
  • Silent operation for peaceful environments
  • Compact design, easy installation and maintenance
  • Advanced safety features, reliable performance
  • Consistent high-capacity hot water supply
  • Two-year warranty


Introducing the EcoThermo A Series by Iran Radiator Boiler: Unrivaled Heating Efficiency and Comfort

Experience the pinnacle of heating technology with the Iran Radiator Boiler EcoThermo A Series, designed to deliver top-notch performance and energy efficiency. Embracing the colder seasons becomes effortless with this series, which combines advanced features and exceptional functionality to meet all your heating demands. Here’s a glimpse into the EcoThermo A Series and its standout features that set it apart in the heating industry:


Why Opt for EcoThermo A Series?

  • Outstanding 93% Heating Efficiency: The EcoThermo A Series boasts an impressive 93% efficiency rating, significantly reducing energy consumption and cutting down on energy bills while maintaining a warm and comfortable environment.
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Enjoy the tranquility of your space with the series’ silent operation, eliminating the common annoyance of noisy heating systems.
  • Advanced Safety Protocols: With features like the comprehensive safety pressure relief valve for the boiler circuit, the EcoThermo A Series ensures your heating solution is not just effective but also safe throughout the year.
  • Intuitive Digital Temperature Control: Effortlessly manage your heating preferences with a user-friendly digital control system, providing precise temperature adjustments for optimal comfort.
  • Space-Saving Design: Despite its powerful heating capabilities, the EcoThermo A Series boasts a compact design, making installation straightforward and unobtrusive in your home or business setting.
  • Flexible Independent Unit Operation: Each unit in the series operates independently, offering versatile heating solutions that can be tailored to different areas of your property, enhancing overall efficiency and convenience.
  • A24FF Model for Enhanced Heating: For those requiring higher heating capacity, the A24FF model in the EcoThermo A Series offers increased power, ensuring even more efficient space heating.
  • Reliable Two-Year Warranty: Gain peace of mind with the assurance of a two-year warranty, complemented by easy setup and maintenance, making the Iran Radiator EcoThermo A Series a hassle-free addition to your premises.


A New Standard in Heating Solutions

The EcoThermo A Series by Iran Radiator Boiler is not just a heating system; it’s a revolution in comfort and efficiency. With its advanced features, energy-saving performance, and ease of use, this series is an ideal choice for anyone seeking a reliable and modern heating solution. Embrace the warmth and efficiency of the Iran Radiator EcoThermo A Series and transform the way you experience heating in your home or business.


Comparing the A22FF and A24FF Models

When comparing the A22FF and A24FF models from Iran Radiator, several key factors stand out, each catering to different user needs and preferences. Here’s a detailed comparison:


Heating Efficiency:

  • A22FF: This model boasts a heating efficiency of 90.7%, which is quite high and ensures effective heating with reduced energy consumption.
  • A24FF: The A24FF takes efficiency a step further with an impressive 93% efficiency rating. This slightly higher efficiency may lead to more energy savings over time.

Heating Input and Output:

  • A22FF: It has a heating input range of 11-24.7 kW and a heating output range of 9.6-22 kW. This range is suitable for various residential and smaller commercial spaces.
  • A24FF: The A24FF offers a slightly wider heating input range of 11-25.7 kW and an output range of 9.6-24 kW, making it capable of heating larger spaces more effectively.

Hot Water Flow:

  • A22FF: Delivers a hot water flow rate of 10.8 L/min, which is adequate for most standard residential and small commercial uses.
  • A24FF: This model provides a higher hot water flow rate of 11.4 L/min, making it more suitable for environments with higher hot water demands.

Compactness and Installation:

  • Both models share a similar compact and space-efficient design, ensuring they can be easily installed in various settings without requiring significant space.

Noise Level and Operation:

  • Both the A22FF and A24FF are designed for silent operation, minimizing noise disturbance and enhancing user comfort.

Safety Features:

  • Both models come equipped with comprehensive safety features, including pressure relief valves and expansion tanks, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

Warranty and Maintenance:

  • Both the A22FF and A24FF boilers come with a two-year warranty, indicating the manufacturer’s confidence in their durability and performance. They are also designed for easy setup and maintenance, making them user-friendly for both installers and end-users.

Target Usage:

  • A22FF: Given its specifications, the A22FF is an excellent choice for moderate-sized residential properties or smaller commercial spaces where the heating and hot water demands are significant but not excessive.
  • A24FF: The A24FF, with its slightly higher capacity, is better suited for larger residential properties or commercial spaces that require more robust heating and a greater volume of hot water.



While both the A22FF and A24FF boilers from Iran Radiator are high-performing and efficient, the choice between them depends on the specific heating requirements and space size of the intended installation. The A24FF’s slightly higher efficiency and capacity make it suitable for more demanding heating needs, while the A22FF is a cost-effective solution for less intensive use.