Iran Radiator Boiler K24FF-Silent

Key Features

  • Aesthetic and minimalist design
  • High thermal efficiency
  • User-friendly digital control system for precise settings
  • Silent operation for a tranquil living environment
  • Consistent hot water flow
  • Water shortage and frost protection systems
  • Air switching pressure guards against flue blockage
  • Two-year warranty and hassle-free setup and maintenance


Discover the K24FF Boiler by Iran Radiator

Carefully designed for modern needs, the Iran Radiator K24FF boiler operates with a high thermal efficiency of 93%. The K24FF boiler not only sustains a prolific source of heating for residential and commercial spaces but also stands as a reliable provider for hot water supply, making it an indispensable asset in a variety of settings.

It boasts a commendable heating output of 24 kW, facilitating a robust central heating system with a maximum flow temperature of 85°C, thereby promising to keep larger spaces warm and inviting during the colder seasons. Alongside, it ensures a consistent and uninterrupted hot water supply, meeting the daily demands with a remarkable maximum water flow temperature of 60°C. Thus, be it a rejuvenating hot shower or maintaining a warm ambiance, the K24FF boiler stands tall in fulfilling these necessities with utmost efficiency.

Let’s take a close look at what makes the K24FF boiler a standout choice:


Optimized Efficiency

With a remarkable heating output of 24 kW, the K24FF boiler effortlessly meets modern energy-saving demands, promoting not just warmth but cost-effectiveness. Its user-friendly digital control system allows precise settings, facilitating effortless control over the temperature and maximizing thermal efficiency.


Silent Operation

In the pursuit of a tranquil living environment, the K24FF boiler operates silently, promising no disturbances whether in a quiet home or a peaceful office setup.


Comprehensive Safety

Safety remains a priority with the K24FF boiler. Features such as water shortage and frost protection, coupled with air switching pressure that guards against flue blockage, ensure worry-free usage round the clock.


Consistent Hot Water

Say goodbye to fluctuating water temperatures. The K24FF boiler offers a consistent hot water supply, with a maximum temperature of domestic hot water flow at a comfortable 60°C, easily meeting varied demands in residential units.


Compact and Aesthetic Design

The space-efficient and minimalist design of the K24FF, with dimensions of 400x720x340 mm and a net weight of 38 kg, ensures it seamlessly fits into areas with limited space, while adding a touch of aesthetics to the surroundings.


Independent Operation

The independent operation feature ensures each residential unit can control its heating preferences without affecting others, a vital feature for multi-unit residences or commercial spaces.


Easy Maintenance

The K24FF boiler promises simple installation, service, and maintenance procedures, reducing the operational hassles and costs, an aspect that resonates well with B2B buyers and importers eyeing easy-to-maintain products for their clientele. Also the unit is backed by a two-warranty of Iran Radiator.


Technical Specifications

  • Heating Input: A potent 25.7 kW heating input
  • Heating Output: An efficient 24 kW heating output
  • Maximum Temperature for Central Heating Flow: Up to 85°C
  • Power Supply: Operating at a modest 137 W
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): A compact footprint of 400x720x340 mm


Backed by a reassuring two-year warranty, the K24FF boiler by Iran Radiator is here to enhance your heating product portfolio with a promise of efficiency, safety, and performance.


Reach out to explore how the K24FF can be the perfect addition to your offerings, ensuring satisfied end consumers.

Product Specifications

Technical SpecificationsUNITValue
Model-K 24FF
Heating inputkW25.7
Heating outputkW24
Heating efficiency%93
Maximum temperature of central heating flow°C85
Maximum pressure of central heating flowbar3
Maximum temperature of domestic hot water flow°C60
Minimum pressure of domestic cold water flow inputbar0.5
Maximum pressure of domestic cold water flow inputbar10
Minimum flow rate of domestic hot waterl/min2.5
Maximum flow rate of domestic waterl/min11.4
Static head of pumpm.w.c5
Hydraulic connection diameter (Heating system)inch3/4
Hydraulic connection diameter (Sanitary system)inch1/2
Gas input diameterinch1/2
Flue diametermm60/100
Net weightkg31.75
Power SupplyW137