Iran Radiator Boilers SecureHeat – L Series

Key Features

  • High 93% energy efficiency
  • Silent operation for quiet environments
  • Safety features including frost and blockage protection
  • Reliable hot water supply
  • Independent operational units
  • Consistent hot water flow
  • L42FF for high heat output
  • Two-year warranty; easy set up and maintenance


Experience Quality Heating with Iran Radiator Boilers – L Series

When the chill sets in, a dependable and user-friendly heating solution is paramount. Presenting the Iran Radiator Boilers – L Series, ingeniously crafted to marry easy installation with paramount thermal efficiency, reliable safety, and whisper-quiet operation, all encapsulated in a space-efficient design. Here’s a deep dive into the attributes that elevate the L Series, placing it at the forefront of heating solutions:


Why Opt for the L Series?

  • High Thermal Efficiency: Standout efficiency is the hallmark of the L Series. With an incredible 93% heating efficiency across the L24FF, L28FF, , L36FF and L42FF models, you’re assured of consistent warmth, optimized energy consumption, and reduced bills.
  • Silent Operation: No longer do you need to compromise serenity for warmth. The L Series delivers silent operation, letting you enjoy a tranquil ambiance, uninterrupted by the hums and buzzes typical of most boilers.
  • Safety is Paramount: The L Series embeds a plethora of safety features. From frost and water shortage protections to safeguards against flue blockages, peace of mind is guaranteed throughout its lifecycle.
  • Digital Mastery: Effortlessly tune into your preferred heating configurations with the series’ advanced digital control system. Achieve and maintain your desired warmth with precision and ease.
  • Compact Excellence: Potent performance doesn’t demand space. Models like L24FF, L28FF, L36FF and L 42FF are testimony to this, boasting a compact design that ensures effortless installation without monopolizing room space.
  • Independent Operation: Every unit within the L Series operates autonomously, offering unmatched versatility in heating distinct sections of your establishment or residence.


Comparing L24FF vs. L28FF vs. L36FF vs. L42FF

Making the right decision is easier when you have clear information. Here’s a comparative snapshot of the L24FF, L28FF, L36FF, and the newly introduced L42FF models to guide your choice:

Heating Prowess

  • L42FF: Tops the range with a heating input of 45 kW and output of 41.6 kW, perfect for the largest spaces.
  • L36FF: Offers a robust heating input and output of 38 kW and 36 kW, respectively. Ideal for more expansive spaces.
  • L28FF: Offers a substantial 30 kW input and 28 kW output, suitable for medium-sized areas.
  • L24FF: Provides a decent 25.7 kW input and 24 kW output, great for smaller spaces.


Hot Water Consistency

  • L36FF: Stands out for significant water supply needs with its maximum flow rate of 17 l/min.
  • L42FF: Goes a step further, offering a maximum flow rate of 18.3 l/min, ideal for the highest water demand.
  • L28FF & L24FF: Provide consistent hot water, though not specifically highlighted for high demand scenarios.


Safety and Protection

  • All models, including the L24FF, L28FF, L36FF, and L42FF, are equipped with top-tier safety features. They have mechanisms against frost, water shortages, and flue blockages, ensuring safe and smooth operations.


Installation and Upkeep

  • Each model, from the L24FF to the L42FF, promises an uncomplicated installation process and maintenance experience. They are all backed by a two-year warranty, offering peace of mind and reliability.


In summary, while the L24FF, L28FF, and L36FF offer robust performance for various space sizes, the L42FF emerges as a powerful contender, especially for larger spaces and higher hot water demands. Your choice depends on the specific heating and hot water needs of your space.