Iran Radiator AquaMax Ground Boilers – Z Series

Key features

  • Tailored for large spaces, high demand
  • Versatile fuel options, eco-friendly design
  • Space-saving, energy-efficient ground boilers
  • Dual-purpose heating, year-round comfort
  • Large capacity tanks for uninterrupted supply
  • Customizable sizes for varied spaces
  • Two-year warranty; easy set up and maintenance


The Heating Solution for Expansive Spaces: Iran Radiator Ground Boilers

In the ever-evolving market of heating solutions, Iran Radiator stands out as a beacon of efficiency and reliability with its ground boilers, prominently known as the Z series boilers. Specifically designed for large spaces, these boilers fulfill high water consumption needs, easily surpassing the performance of conventional systems used in smaller apartments.


A Leap from Tradition to Modern Efficiency

Gone are the days when boiler rooms were the norm for securing hot water supply in buildings. With the new innovations, ground boilers have successfully replaced boiler rooms, setting a new standard in space efficiency and energy conservation. These units not only substantially reduce energy consumption but also foster a high heat production rate, presenting an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution.


Year-Round Comfort and Convenience

Beyond just providing hot water throughout the year, Iran Radiator ground boilers serve a dual purpose by also heating interiors during the cold months, promising a warm and cozy environment.


Substantial Water Storage Tank

The ground boilers feature a robust reservoir, crafted from cast iron or steel, facilitating a larger water heating and storage capacity — a capacity not seen in wall boilers. This unique feature guarantees an uninterrupted hot water supply, meeting the demands of varying building sizes.


Why Partner with Iran Radiator for Ground Boilers?

Individual Units: Enable your clients to enjoy the comfort of independent heating systems, an offering that distinguishes you in the marketplace by adding a luxurious touch to any residential or commercial setting.

Environmentally-Conscious Fuel Options: Stay ahead in the green revolution. Our ground boilers can operate efficiently on a range of fuel options including gas, diesel, or electricity, showcasing your commitment to sustainability and modern technology.

A Range to Suit Every Space: Cater to a wide variety of client requirements with our ground boilers available in customizable sizes. Offer solutions that fit perfectly in every space, opening up opportunities to serve clients with diverse needs and preferences.

Effortless Installation and Reliable Service: Save your clients time and stress with our easy installation process. Plus, with a two-year warranty, provide them with a long-term heating solution they can trust, enhancing your reputation for offering products with longevity and reliability.

Integration with Premium Amenities: Stay competitive by offering boilers that not only meet the basic heating requirements but also easily integrate with luxury amenities like sauna and jacuzzi systems, adding a premium offering to your portfolio.

Year-Round Convenience with Seasonal Mode Switch: Offer a product designed for year-round comfort. The intuitive control key facilitates easy switching between modes, making the ground boilers a convenient choice for all seasons, thus encouraging customer satisfaction and repeat business.


Encourage your business clients to choose Iran Radiator Ground Boilers for a heating solution that combines efficiency, and technological advancement, ensuring a product that stands tall in the competitive market.