Iran Radiator Burners

Key Features

  • The first recipient of the National Standard from ISIRI for gas, diesel and dual-fuel burners in Iran
  • Producing various types of burners with a capacity of up to 6,000,000 kilocalories per hour
  • The largest producer of various types of burners in the Middle East
  • Producer of high-pressure burners

Discover the Pinnacle of Heating with Iran Radiator’s Burners

Central heating systems are the backbone of a comfortable indoor environment, especially in areas experiencing extreme temperature fluctuations. The efficiency, reliability, and adaptability of these systems primarily hinge on their burners, which produce and regulate heat. Iran Radiator, a pioneer in this field, stands out not just for its engineering excellence, but also for its commendable achievements in the burner domain.


Accolades and Achievements

Iran Radiator takes pride in being the first holder of the National Standard for gas, gasoline, and dual fuel burners in Iran. This recognition is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and innovation.

As the largest manufacturer of burners in the Middle East, our reputation precedes us, cementing our position as leaders in heating solutions.


Diverse Range and Capacity

Our portfolio boasts a wide variety of burners, catering to different energy needs, with capacities scaling up to a staggering 6,000,000 Kcal/hr. Whether it’s a cozy residential setting or a sprawling commercial establishment, Iran Radiator has the right burner for every requirement.

We are also renowned manufacturers of burners tailored for high combustion chamber pressure furnaces, ensuring efficient heating even in specialized, demanding environments.


Burner Types for Every Need

  • Gas Burners: Leveraging clean combustion, our gas burners are a hallmark of efficiency and sustainability. They cater to users seeking an eco-friendly and cost-effective heating alternative.
  • Diesel Burners: Where gas might be inaccessible or inconsistent, our diesel burners step in, offering reliability and powerful heat output, ensuring warmth even in challenging conditions.
  • Hybrid Burners: Merging the benefits of both gas and diesel, our hybrid burners are the epitome of adaptability. They’re crafted for spaces with fluctuating fuel availability, allowing users to transition between fuel types seamlessly.

As the world edges towards sustainable choices and efficient energy utilization, choosing the right burner becomes pivotal. With Iran Radiator, users are not just selecting a product; they’re opting for a legacy of excellence, innovation, and reliability in central heating systems. Dive deep into our world and experience heating solutions like never before.