Iran Radiator Boilers OptimalHeat – M Series

Key Features

  • 93% heating efficiency, reduces energy bills
  • Silent operation, no noise disturbance
  • Advanced safety with frost and blockage protection
  • User-friendly digital temperature control
  • Compact, easy-to-install design
  • Independent unit operation for flexible heating
  • M28FF model: higher heating capacity
  • Two-year warranty; easy set up and maintenance


Discover Comfort with Iran Radiator Boilers – M Series

As temperatures dip, securing a dependable and user-friendly heating solution becomes a top priority. Here to answer this need are the Iran Radiator Boilers – M Series, merging easy installation with high thermal efficiency, safety, and silent operation, all packed into a compact design. Let’s delve into the specifics of why this series stands as a worthy contender for your heating needs:


Why Choose M Series

  • High Thermal Efficiency: Boasting a remarkable 93% heating efficiency, both the M24FF and M28FF models are designed to provide optimal heat while being energy-efficient, ensuring your space remains warm without running up high energy bills.
  • Silent Operation: Say goodbye to noisy heating systems. The M Series offers silent operation, granting you a peaceful home environment, undisturbed by the sounds of a working boiler.
  • Safety Comes First: The series is designed with your safety in mind, incorporating features like frost and water shortage protection systems, and a mechanism to protect against flue blockages, promising a secure heating solution throughout the year.
  • Fully Digital Control System: Tailor your heating preferences effortlessly with the integrated digital control system. This feature allows you to maintain the ideal home temperature with great ease.
  • Compact Design: Despite their powerful performance, the M24FF and M28FF have a small footprint, taking up minimal space in your home and making installation a breeze.
  • Independence of Residential Units: Each unit operates independently, providing flexibility and ease of use in heating different spaces in your residence.


Comparing the M24FF and M28FF Models

To aid in your selection between the M24FF and M28FF models, here is a comparative breakdown to help pinpoint the perfect fit for your home:

  • Heating Power: While both models offer a potent heating solution, the M28FF edges out with a higher heating input and output, standing at 30 kW and 28 kW respectively, compared to the 25.7 kW and 24 kW of the M24FF. This grants the M28FF the capacity to heat your spaces slightly more efficiently.
  • Hot Water Supply: Both models ensure a steady supply of hot water, with the M28FF providing a marginally higher maximum flow rate of domestic hot water, making it suitable for environments requiring a larger water supply.
  • Safety and Protective Measures: Both models come fortified with protective features, including frost protection and a system against flue blockage, promising safe operation throughout the usage cycle.
  • Ease of Installation and Maintenance: Both models promise uncomplicated installation and maintenance processes, allowing for a hassle-free experience right from setup to daily use. Both models also come with two-year warranty.

Choosing Iran Radiator Boilers – M Series ensures not only a warm and comfortable home but also a safe and sustainable heating solution. Discover a heating solution crafted with modern homes in mind, blending efficiency with ease of use for a warm and cozy living environment.