IranRadiator Boiler

Z 36FF


  • High efficiency
  • 120 lit stainless steel water tank
  • Easy installation, commissioning, service and maintenance
  • Digital control system
  • Silent operation
  • Small size and less space occupation
  • Water shortage protection system
  • Frost protection feature
  • Equipped with air pressure switch for protection against flue blockage
  • Constant domestic hot water temperature

Product Specifications

38kWHeating input
36kWHeating output
3barMaximum boiler circuit pressure
85Maximum boiler circuit temperature
35Minimum boiler circuit temperature
3barDrain valve safety pressure of the boiler circuit
12 / 0.7Lit/barSource of boiler circuit expansion
2 / 3.5Lit/barSource of expansion of consumer spa circuit
21I/minConsumption of hot water flow with a temperature difference of 30
6barDischarge valve to ensure safe consumption of hot water circuit
50LitSpa source capacity
86m3/hThe amount of fresh air required for combustion
110Medium temperature of combustion
30.8g/sMass flow of combustion products
تک فازvElectric current
240WPower Supply
44IPElectrical protection
89kgNet weight
146kgDegraded net weight