Iran Radiator AquaMax Ground Boiler Z36FF – MaxiTank

Key Features

  • High efficiency for excellent performance
  • Silent operation for a peaceful home
  • Water shortage protection for uninterrupted service
  • Frost protection ensuring winter resilience
  • Air pressure switch for flue blockage safety
  • Compact design maximizing space efficiency
  • Digital controls for precise and easy navigation
  • Two-year warranty; easy set up and maintenance


Discover the Unbeatable Z36FF Ground Boiler Unit by Iran Radiator

In the modernized heating landscape, the Z36FF ground boiler unit spearheads with a fusion of efficiency and innovation, brought to you by the industry-leading brand, Iran Radiator. This high-performance unit from the esteemed Z series is meticulously designed for large spaces with higher demands for hot water consumption, catering perfectly to B2B clients and importers aiming to provide end consumers with a state-of-the-art heating solution.


High Efficiency and Technological Advancement

Achieve almost unrivaled energy optimization with the Z36FF ground boiler unit, boasting an impressive efficiency rate of 92.9%. This feature, coupled with a digital control system, ensures precise control over the heating configurations, promising a superior user experience.


Compact Size with Enhanced Safety Features

Despite its compact and small size, which ensures less space occupation, the Z36FF doesn’t compromise on safety and reliability. It is equipped with a water shortage protection system and a frost protection feature, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation even in the most unfavorable conditions. Additionally, the integrated air pressure switch offers added protection against flue blockages, safeguarding the system’s longevity and functionality.


Consistent Domestic Hot Water Temperature

Say goodbye to fluctuations in water temperature with the Z36FF. This unit maintains a constant domestic hot water temperature, assuring you a consistent supply of hot water, adhering to your preferred temperature settings throughout the year.


Easy Installation and Maintenance

With a focus on user convenience, this unit promises easy installation, commissioning, and routine service maintenance, removing the hassles traditionally associated with heating systems. Moreover, you benefit from a silent operation mode that promises a noise-free and peaceful environment, enhancing the comfort levels in your space.


Diverse Fuel Options

Opt for a versatile heating solution offering varied fuel options such as gas, diesel, and electric modes, ensuring a sustainable and economical heating system.


A Two-Year Warranty

Peace of mind is a given with a two-year warranty, a testament to the product’s durability and the brand’s trust in its innovation.


Key Technical Specifications

Before venturing into a purchase, acquaint yourself with the technical specifications of the Z36FF ground boiler unit:

  • Heat Capacity: 38 kW (input), 36 kW (output)
  • Net Weight: 89 kg (146 kg when water-filled)
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 650x820x595 mm
  • Electrical Protection: IP 44


Elevate your heating solution offerings with the Z36FF ground boiler unit from Iran Radiator. Connect with us to explore the multi-faceted benefits of this unit, and let the Z36FF redefine comfort and efficiency in heating solutions. Let the silent, yet powerful, Z36FF be your beacon to a warm, safe, and comfortable future.

Product Specifications

38kWHeating input
36kWHeating output
3barMaximum boiler circuit pressure
85Maximum boiler circuit temperature
35Minimum boiler circuit temperature
3barDrain valve safety pressure of the boiler circuit
12 / 0.7Lit/barSource of boiler circuit expansion
2 / 3.5Lit/barSource of expansion of consumer spa circuit
21I/minConsumption of hot water flow with a temperature difference of 30
6barDischarge valve to ensure safe consumption of hot water circuit
50LitSpa source capacity
86m3/hThe amount of fresh air required for combustion
110Medium temperature of combustion
30.8g/sMass flow of combustion products
Single PhasevElectric current
240WPower Supply
44IPElectrical protection
89kgNet weight
146kgDegraded net weight