Iran Radiator AquaMax Ground Boiler Z 60FA – MegaTank

Key Features

  • High efficiency for excellent performance
  • 120-liter stainless steel tank for enduring reliability
  • Digital control for tailored usage
  • Silent operation for a peaceful home
  • Water shortage protection for uninterrupted service
  • Frost protection ensuring winter resilience
  • Air pressure switch for flue blockage safety
  • Two-year warranty; easy set up and maintenance


Discover the Z60FA Ground Boiler by Iran Radiator

Step into the world of heating solutions with Iran Radiator’s Z60FA Ground Boiler – tailored for large spaces.

Iran Radiator presents a product that embodies a remarkable fusion of technology and efficiency, aligned with the needs of B2B clients and importers who are on a quest to provide end consumers with a heating solution that stands a notch above the rest.


High Efficiency and Customizable Control

Achieve levels of efficiency with a staggering rate of 90%, ensuring substantial cost savings while promoting environmental sustainability. The digital control panel offers intuitive management of heating configurations, promising a user experience that is both comfortable and tailored to individual preferences.


Compact Design Paired with Robust Capacity

Don’t be fooled by its compact design; the Z60FA promises a powerhouse performance, accommodating a 120-litre stainless steel tank that guarantees a constant supply of hot water, effortlessly meeting the demands of large spaces while freeing up space for other utilities.


Silent Operation for a Tranquil Environment

Enjoy a peaceful home environment, thanks to the silent operational mode of the Z60FA, allowing you to experience tranquility without compromising on the heating efficiency.


Hassle-Free Installation and two-year warranty

All boilers benefit from a hassle-free installation and low maintenance design, and are backed by a two-year warranty, providing you peace of mind for years to come.


Comprehensive Safety Measures

The Z60FA’s suite of integrated protective features, including water shortage and frost protection systems, guarantee a safe operational environment all year round.


Versatility in Fuel Options

Choose a practical solution that adapts to varying consumer needs with versatile fuel options, ranging from gas to electricity, delivering a sustainable and economical heating system.


Detailed Technical Specifications

Before making your choice, delve into the detailed specifications of Z60FA ground boiler:

  • Heating Input: 55 kW
  • Heating Output: 50 kW
  • Maximum Boiler Circuit Pressure: 3 bar
  • Spa Source Capacity: 120 Litres
  • Efficiency: 90%
  • Net Weight: 145 kg



  • Width: 650 mm
  • Height: 1460 mm
  • Depth: 595 mm


Elevate your heating solutions with the Iran Radiator Ground Boiler – Model: Z60FA. Connect with us to understand the benefits of this unit, and let the Z60FA lead you to a future that is warm, safe, and comfortable. Choose smart, choose Iran Radiator Ground Boiler – Model: Z60FA.

Product Specifications

55kWHeating input
50kWHeating output
3barMaximum boiler circuit pressure
85Maximum boiler circuit temperature
35Minimum boiler circuit temperature
3barDrain valve safety pressure of the boiler circuit
12 / 0.7Lit/barSource of boiler circuit expansion
2 / 3.5Lit/barSource of expansion of consumer spa circuit
24I/minConsumption of hot water flow with a temperature difference of 30
6barDischarge valve to ensure safe consumption of hot water circuit
120LitSpa source capacity
124m3/hThe amount of fresh air required for combustion
110Medium temperature of combustion
44.5g/sMass flow of combustion products
Single PhasevElectric current
298WPower Supply
44IPElectrical protection
145kgNet weight
265kgDegraded net weight