Iran Radiator Diesel Oil Burners

Key Features

  • 19 Different models
  • Varied Pipe Dimensions
  • Capacities range from 40,000 to 5,000,000 Kcal/h
  • High energy density, providing efficient and long-lasting heat
  • Equipped with safety features such as flame sensors and automatic shutdown mechanisms to prevent potential hazards
  • Multiple Operating Modes
  • Efficient heating for different spaces
  • Consistent heat output with minimal fluctuations
  • Different operating modes


Introducing Iran Radiator Diesel Oil Burners

If you’re in the B2B sector looking to provide your customers with high-quality heating solutions, Iran Radiator Diesel Oil Burners should be at the top of your list. As the world shifts towards more energy-efficient and reliable heating options, diesel oil burners have proven to be both versatile and effective. Here’s why the Iran Radiator Diesel Oil Burners stand out:


Diverse Model Range for Every Need

Whether your customers are searching for residential solutions or commercial-scale installations, our comprehensive range has got it covered. From models RA2 to IO5800, each unit is tailored to meet different specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for a variety of applications.


Varied Thermal Capacities

With capacities spanning from 40,000 Kcal/h for smaller setups to a robust 5,000,000 Kcal/h for larger operations, we ensure every heating requirement is met with precision and efficiency.


Flexible Operation Modes

Adaptability is key in today’s market. That’s why our burners come with multiple operation modes. Whether it’s the streamlined performance of single-stage burners or the adaptable two-stage, three-stage, and modulating options, we’ve optimized energy consumption to suit diverse needs.


Flexible Control Boxes

Electrical control boxes, essential for managing electronic components, can be directly connected or separate, depending on space constraints and maintenance preferences.


Customized Installation

Different facilities have different installation requirements. We’ve recognized this and offer varied pipe dimensions across our range. Some models have specifications like Ø 92×300 and some have specifications like Ø 165×380, allowing for a more customized fit.


One-year Warranty

Iran Radiator Burners come with a one-year warranty. This ensures customer confidence in the product’s quality and the company’s commitment to addressing any potential issues.


Fuel Efficiency and Sustainability

Diesel as a fuel offers certain advantages. Notably, its consumption rate is generally lower than that of natural gas. While the overall structure of our diesel oil burner draws parallels with gas variants, the functionalities and components are distinct, offering unique advantages.

In the end, it all boils down to offering your customers a reliable, efficient, and adaptable heating solution. The Iran Radiator Diesel Oil Burners promise just that, with a proven track record and a capacity range that’s hard to beat. As you look to expand your product offerings and cater to a wider audience, consider the unparalleled advantages of these burners. They’re not just products; they’re a promise of warmth, efficiency, and reliability. Make sure your customers get nothing but the best.


How Diesel Oil Burners Work

The diesel oil burners from Iran Radiator are efficient and designed for optimal performance.

Diesel oil burners operate by a straightforward mechanism. Diesel fuel is pumped and passed through a filter to reach the nozzle tip. Upon mixing with air and the activation of the ignition system, a flame is produced.

Iran Radiator ensures the safety of its diesel oil burners. These burners will automatically shut off in case of any malfunction during their operation.


Main Components of Iran Radiator’s Oil Burner

Fuel Pump:

The fuel pump delivers the diesel from the storage tank to the burner, ensuring a steady flow for efficient combustion.


Diesel Pressure Control Switch:

If the incoming diesel pressure is too low, this switch will halt the operation, preventing fuel inflow and potential incomplete combustion.


Air Pressure Control Switch:

Similar to gas burners, the incoming air pressure is monitored. Sufficient air, supplied by a fan, is essential for complete combustion. If the required air is present, a signal is sent from the switch to the burner relay; otherwise, the burner deactivates.


Diesel Burner Control Relay:

This relay is the heart of the diesel oil burner. All operational commands converge here. If all conditions are met, the burner activates; if not, it remains off.


Photocell or “Eye” System:

Unlike gas burners which use an ion system, diesel oil burners from Iran Radiator use a photocell or “eye” system for flame monitoring and control.


Ignition Transformer:

Once all conditions are verified, the relay commands the ignition transformer to produce a spark, initiating combustion.

ModelPipe dimensionsABCDD NElectrical control boxMode of operationThermal Capacity (Kcal/h)
RA 2 Ø 92x300 400 75 80 292 - Single Stage 40,000-93,000
JPE 80/1 - 600 178 110 385 - Single Stage 70,000-160,000
JPE 80/2 Ø 122x370 600 178 115 385 - Single Stage 112,000-232,000
PDE 0 Ø 165x380 700 170 153 563 - Single Stage 140,000-300,000
PDE 0 H Ø 165x380 700 170 153 563 - Single Stage 200,000-400,000
PDE 0 SP Ø 165x380 700 170 153 563 - Two Steps 200,000-400,000
PDE 1 H Ø 165x380 810 200 165 652 - Single Stage 250,000-500,000
PDE 1 SP Ø 165x380 810 200 165 652 - Two Steps 250,000-500,000
PDE 1 A SP Ø 165x380 810 200 165 652 Connected Two Steps 400,000-700,000
PDE 1 B SP Ø 165x380 810 200 165 652 Connected Two Steps 400,000-840,000
PDE 2 - 960 220 194 810 Separately Two Steps 900,000-1,500,000
PDE 2 SP - 960 220 219 810 Separately Two Steps 1,200,000-2,000,000
IO 1700 - 1306 246 219 857 Connected Two Steps 425,000-1,500,000
IO 2100 - 1306 246 254 857 Connected Two Steps 620,000-1,900,000
IO 2800 - 1306 246 254 857 Connected Two Steps 660,000-2,400,000
IO 3400 - 1700 300 340 1576 Separately Three Steps 800,000-3,000,000
IO 4400 - 1550 300 340 1835 Separately Modulation 1,000,000-4,000,000
IO 4400M - 1700 300 340 1576 Separately Three Steps 900,000-4,000,000
IO 5800 - 1790 300 340 1835 Separately Modulation 1,250,000-5,000,000