Iran Radiator Boiler SecureHeat L28FF-Compact

Key features

  • Ensures 93% efficiency for optimal heat delivery
  • Quiet operation for undisturbed peace
  • Steady hot water flow at 13.4 liters/minute
  • Maximum 85°C heating flow for significant warmth
  • Digital controls for precise, easy navigation
  • Integrated frost and water shortage protection
  • Air pressure switch prevents flue blockages
  • Two-year warranty; easy set up and maintenance


Introducing the L28FF Boiler by Iran Radiator

If you’re a B2B buyer or importer looking for a reliable heating solution, consider the Iran Radiator L28FF boiler. It offers a strong heating output of 28 kW and has a thermal efficiency of 93%, making it ideal for both homes and businesses. With the ability to heat water up to 85°C and handle a pressure of 3 bar, it’s a dependable choice for various heating needs. Plus, it can supply water at a rate of 13.4 l/min, suitable for buildings or homes that need lots of hot water. And with its compact design, it’s easy to fit in tight spaces. Let’s take a look at its top features:


Efficient Heating

The L28FF boiler provides cost-saving heating, fitting today’s need to save energy.


Quiet Use

The L28FF works quietly, making homes and businesses calm and peaceful.


Safe to Use

With safety features like frost and blockage protection, the L28FF is built for worry-free operation.


Reliable Hot Water

The L28FF gives a steady supply of hot water whenever you need it.


Space-Saving Design

The L28FF’s small size makes it easy to place in any room.


Works Independently

This boiler can serve different heating needs in homes or business areas.


Easy Care

The L28FF is designed for simple setup and maintenance.


Two-Year Comprehensive Warranty

The Iran Radiator L28FF boiler comes with a solid two-year warranty, highlighting our trust in its durability and performance. This warranty offers both resellers and end-users peace of mind, ensuring continued optimal operation.


Technical Details:

  • Heating Input: 30 kW for good heating
  • Heating Output: Provides 28 kW of heat
  • Hot Water Temp: Can heat water up to 60°C
  • Weight: It weighs 37.5 kg
  • Power Use: Uses 152 W
  • Size (WxHxD): Measures 450x763x350 mm


Upgrade your heating options with the Iran Radiator L28FF boiler. Get in touch to see how this boiler can help your customers.

Product Specifications

Technical SpecificationsUNITValue
Model-L 28FF
Heating inputkW30
Heating outputkW28
Heating efficiency%93
Maximum temperature of central heating flow°C85
Maximum pressure of central heating flowbar3
Maximum temperature of domestic hot water flow°C60
Minimum pressure of domestic cold water flow inputbar0.5
Maximum pressure of domestic cold water flow inputbar10
Minimum flow rate of domestic hot waterl/min2.5
Maximum flow rate of domestic waterl/min13.4
Static head of pumpm.w.c6
Hydraulic connection diameter (Heating system)inch3/4
Hydraulic connection diameter (Sanitary system)inch1/2
Gas input diameterinch3/4
Flue diametermm60/100
Net weightkg37.5
Power SupplyW152