Iran Radiator Boiler SecureHeat L24FF-Silent

Key Features

  • Exceptional thermal efficiency
  • Quiet operation enhances household tranquility
  • Compact design fits perfectly in modern spaces
  • Built-in water shortage protection
  • Digital controls for precise, easy navigation
  • Frost protection for cold weather reliability
  • Flue guard prevents blockages
  • Two-year warranty; easy set up and maintenance


Discover the L24FF Boiler by Iran Radiator

For B2B buyers and importers eyeing a versatile heating solution that resonates with end consumers, the Iran Radiator L24FF boiler emerges as an optimal choice. With a formidable heating output of 24 kW and a commendable thermal efficiency of 93%, it is tailor-made for sufficiently warming expansive residential and commercial spaces. The boiler’s ability to deliver a central heating flow temperature up to 85°C and withstand a pressure of 3 bar amplifies its robustness, catering especially to environments necessitating heightened heating provisions. The flow rate of domestic water peaks at 11.4 l/min, making it a good choice for residential complexes or individual households with elevated hot water requisites. Its compact stature is a testament to the ingenuity of design, ensuring it nestles seamlessly even in confined spaces. Let’s unpack the facets that amplify the desirability of this product:


Optimized Efficiency

The L24FF boiler stands synonymous with efficiency, promising economical heating in line with today’s energy-conservation ethos.


Whisper-Quiet Operation

The L24FF promises a discreet presence, running with minimal noise and cultivating a tranquil atmosphere, befitting both homes and businesses.


Unwavering Safety

Safety isn’t just a feature; it’s a promise. With essential safeguards like frost and flue blockage defense, the L24FF pledges a secure, uninterrupted operation.


Uninterrupted Hot Water Delivery

Consistency is key. The L24FF perpetually dispenses hot water at your desired temperature, affirming year-round comfort for diverse needs.


Sleek and Space-Efficient

Despite its powerful credentials, the L24FF’s sleek design ensures it claims minimal real estate, blending into both modern and traditional spaces.


Autonomous Operation

The L24FF champions adaptability, serving individual heating requirements in diverse residential or business spaces.


User-Centric Maintenance

Ease of use is embedded in its design. The L24FF ensures a breezy installation and upkeep experience, minimizing operational concerns.


Two-Year Comprehensive Warranty

The Iran Radiator L24FF boiler comes with a solid two-year warranty, highlighting our trust in its durability and performance. This warranty offers both resellers and end-users peace of mind, ensuring continued optimal operation.


Technical Specifications:

  • Heating Input: A potent 25.7 kW ensuring uniform warmth.
  • Heating Output: Delivers a solid 24 kW, epitomizing efficient heating.
  • Maximum Temperature for Domestic Hot Water: Reaches a toasty 60°C.
  • Net Weight: At a manageable 37 kg, it’s designed for ease.
  • Power Supply: Draws a mere 137 W, embodying energy efficiency.
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): A compact frame measuring 450x763x350 mm.


Step up your heating portfolio with the Iran Radiator L24FF boiler. Engage with us to learn how this proficient unit can elevate the comfort and satisfaction of your clientele.

Product Specifications

Technical SpecificationsUNITValue
Model-L 24FF
Heating inputkW25.7
Heating outputkW24
Heating efficiency%93
Maximum temperature of central heating flow°C85
Maximum pressure of central heating flowbar3
Maximum temperature of domestic hot water flow°C60
Minimum pressure of domestic cold water flow inputbar0.5
Maximum pressure of domestic cold water flow inputbar10
Minimum flow rate of domestic hot waterl/min2.5
Maximum flow rate of domestic waterl/min11.4
Static head of pumpm.w.c5
Hydraulic connection diameter (Heating system)inch3/4
Hydraulic connection diameter (Sanitary system)inch1/2
Gas input diameterinch3/4
Flue diametermm60/100
Net weightkg37
Power SupplyW137