IranRadiator Boiler



  • High thermal efficiency
  • Easy installation, commissioning, service and maintenance
  • Fully digital control system
  • Silent operation
  • Full safety
  • Permanent and abundant hot water supply
  • Small size and less space occupation
  • Complete independence of residential units
  • Water shortage protection system
  • Frost protection feature
  • Equipped with air switching pressure for protection against flue blockage

Product Specifications

Technical SpecificationsUNITValue
Model-ECO 24FF-PL
Heating inputkW25.7
Heating outputkW24
Heating efficiency%93
Maximum temperature of central heating flow°C85
Maximum pressure of central heating flowbar3
Maximum temperature of domestic hot water flow°C60
Minimum pressure of domestic cold water flow inputbar0.5
Maximum pressure of domestic cold water flow inputbar10
Minimum flow rate of domestic hot waterl/min2
Maximum flow rate of domestic waterl/min11.4
Static head of pumpm.w.c5
Hydraulic connection diameter (Heating system)inch3/4
Hydraulic connection diameter (Sanitary system)inch1/2
Gas input diameterinch3/4
Flue diametermm60/100
Net weightkg32
Power SupplyW137