Iran Radiator Eco Aluminium Radiators

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Key Features

  • Die-cast process ensures meticulous fin crafting and harmonious design
  • Aluminium construction promises faster heat dissipation than traditional steel
  • Each unit undergoes rigorous tests for quality and industry standards
  • All Eco Radiators come with a comprehensive 10-year warranty


The Pinnacle of Affordable, Lightweight Aluminium Radiators

Introducing the lightweight Eco Radiator, a testament to the superior qualities of aluminium craftsmanship. This distinguished aluminium radiator stands not only for its affordable price and lightweight design but also for the sophisticated engineering embedded in each unit.

Leveraging a full-fledged die-cast process, individual fins are meticulously crafted through high-pressure molds, culminating in a radiator with an intricate, harmonious design. Step into a world of enhanced affordability and aesthetic appeal with the Iran Radiator Eco Radiator, where every detail is a nod to unparalleled quality and innovation.



The Eco Radiator is available in one distinct model:

  • Eco 500

The model name indicates the distance between the upper and lower pipes. For instance, as demonstrated in the accompanying image, the Iran Radiator Eco 500 has a distance of 500 millimeters between the upper and lower pipes, referred to as ‘Part B’ in the picture.


Key Advantages

Dive into the numerous benefits that the die-cast aluminum construction of the Eco Radiators delivers. Constructed with high-quality aluminium, they offer a plethora of benefits over their steel counterparts.

– Ultra Lightweight Design: Facilitating effortless installation and handling. This positions them as one of the most affordable options within Iran Radiator’s aluminum radiator production lines.

  • Durability: Exhibiting a strong resistance against rot, promising an extended lifespan.
  • Efficiency: Aluminium dissipates heat up to five times faster than steel, ensuring a quicker warming of both the radiator body and the room. This results in lower power consumption compared to steel radiators.


Bespoke Configuration

The fin configuration, available in increments of 5, 7, or 10, is adaptable to the specifications of the installation area, providing clients with the freedom to tailor their radiator solution to meet individual needs. This customization lets the customer choose the best mix of efficiency and space use by selecting the right number of fin blocks when ordering. For example, if customers need a radiator with 12 fins they can connect a 5-fin radiator with a 7-fin radiator (Of course the installment must be done by professionals).

The Eco Radiators are coated with a layer of epoxy paint.


Quality Assurance

Post-production, each unit undergoes stringent quality controls including pressure, color, and flame tests, ensuring a product that meets the highest industry standards.



We stand by the enduring quality of the Eco Radiators, backing each unit with a reassuring 10-year warranty.

Product Specifications

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